Wedding Day Cut & Shave

With the wedding season just around the corner, the Cloakroom Barber offers perfectly executed shaves & cuts that are imperative for the groom ahead of his big day. The wedding day can just be as nerve racking and stressful for the groom as it is for the bride. At the Cloakroom Barber, we understand that looking your best is a necessity; the photos and the better half’s expectations all have to be considered.

We offer different services that will meet all needs of the groom and his groomsmen prior to the wedding. Please contact us for more information in order to plan ahead your big day.

Cloakroom Barber
2175 rue de la Montagne
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Denim Works

Denim Works, a made to measure denim brand now available at The Cloakroom.

Kojima in Kurashiki city, the renowned birthplace of Japanese jeans, now attracts much attention from home to abroad. "Denim Works" has its origin in "Betty Smith" company which was established in 1962. Its high technique and superior design are inherited by made-to-order jeans which they started ahead of other companies in 2003. From mass-produced jeans to those for individual tastes. An enormous number of patterns accumulated there and a further sophisticated hand-made technique are fully utilized by this "Denim Works".

For more information, please visit:
or visit us at The Cloakroom store.

The Cloakroom Abroad

We are incredibly excited to announce new expansion of The Cloakroom internationally. Thanks to our great and loyal clients who continuously appreciate and enjoy our services. Therefore if you will be travelling this summer, please don't forget to stop by The Cloakroom abroad.

Cocktail Bar in Brisbane, Australia (opening summer 2017)
We are currently building the new bar in Brisbane that will be completed within the next two months. A lot of great efforts and dedication put by many of us to bring you the same unique experience from Montreal to Brisbane. The cocktail lounge will be operated adjacent to the Cloakroom store, that will be accessed by the side alley and back stairs. Stay tuned for more details of the grand opening.

Tailor shop in Ginza, Tokyo (opening fall 2017)
After months of work behind the scenes and liaising with architects, builders and authorities, we’re pleased to announce that construction commences imminently on our new Ginza store. The store showcases a new design direction for The Cloakroom, with a more modern interpretation of our retail aesthetic. With it's luxe finishings, we’re sure The Cloakroom, Japan will be a much sought after establishment in Tokyo’s sartorial scene.

Barber shop in Brisbane, Australia (opening fall 2017)
Due to the great success of our barber shop in Montreal since its opening in early 2016, we have decided to incorporate the same concept to our Brisbane store. Always offering our clients a revisited approach to barbering, styling, and wellness services. By carefully selecting the best products, we want to ensure the ultimate experience in relaxation and rejuvenation for all our clients internationally.