During the month of October, the Cloakroom Bar created three different cocktails using Canadian whiskies from the Hiram Walker distillery: Pike Creek and Lot No 40. We produced a range of drinks, varying between fruity and spicy, rich and spirit-forward, even conjuring up tiki traditions to wash away the autumn blues. A different cocktail to suit every taste: 


Rich flavor, fruity tang, slight baking spice influence

• 2oz Pike Creek Double Barrel
• 1/2oz Cocchi Torino
• 3/4oz Lemon juice
• 1/2oz Wild Elderberry & Blueberry Syrup
• 1 dash Bittered Sling Western Haskap
• Absinthe spra


• 1 ½ oz Lot No 40 Canadian rye whiskey
• ¾ oz fino sherry
• ½ oz golden rum
• 3 bar spoons bacon-infused maple syrup
• 4 dashes Dillon’s small batch orange bitters

Stirred and served over a block of ice hand cut from a frozen lake. Garnished with Thanksgiving turkey bacon. Protein, vitamin C, nectar: everything a grown Canadian needs. Get it in you and go chop down a tree or something.


Our final weekly drink for the guys and gals over at Hiram Walker & Sons. Brought both Canadian rye and island rum to the fore, so we subverted tiki traditions with our own homegrown whisky! Papa Don himself approves.

• 2 oz Lot No 40 Canadian rye whisky
• ¾ oz Nardini Tagliatella liquore
• 1 oz fresh lime juice
• ¾ oz homemade grenadine
• 3 dashes house batched fennel, anise & hibiscus extract

Handful of fresh pineapple chunks. Muddled, shaken, and strained. Wash away those autumn blues; it’s always sunny at The Cloakroom.