Our made-to-measure shirt program offers luxury product for clients who value an individual and original style. The fabrics used to produce Cloakroom shirts are supplied by Thomas Mason. Our Clients can choose from over 2000 fabrics: from poplins, twills, oxfords to linen and fleece. Mother of pearl buttons are hand-sewn in the traditional “Florence” method.

The process of shirt-making requires precision and experience: the arms, collar and cuffs, as well as the button holes are sewn manually and therefore the process is performed only by experienced tailors through our German maker. An extensive range of over 60 collars, cuffs, pleats and other details provides unlimited opportunities for creating unique products with an individual style. 

Cloakroom shirts combines all the best elements of the made-to-measure process: style, quality and precision. Turn around time is approximately 4 weeks.

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