A polymorphous aesthete, Keiko Mecheri proclaims her desire to be as much a perfumer as she is a painter, a photographer, a music enthusiast. California, winter 1997; at this precise moment, she sought to immortalize an object, a symbol, a perfume: Loukhoum, an iconic oriental all in candor and enchantment, free-spirited and independent. From her sun-drenched studio of Hollywood Hills, intuitively Keiko Mecheri sketches the contours of her olfactive compositions. It is an alchemical world inspired by her multicultural heritage, immersed in the ambient free-spiritedness, and her loyal circle of master perfumers from Grasse, South of France, the cradle of perfumery. Keiko Mecheri exalts haute couture perfumery with creativity.

At Maison Cloakroom, we currently stock 3 following unisex perfumes:

OLIBAN, Oriental
A diffused composition of pure olibanum incense sustained by woodsy notes and balsamic notes affirms its magnetic sensuality.A harmony of ambergris powder and rose unveils an unexpected profound and intense perfume.

CUIR CORDOBA, Leather Suede
A sensation “just under the skin”.
A suede-like olfactory texture delicately perfumed with powdery floral notes.
An androgynous composition.

Floral Woody Musk. Top note is Yuzu; middle note is Iris; base notes are Oakmoss, woody notes, Amber and Vanilla.