When it comes to building your wardrobe we subscribe a 'less is more' philosophy. Your closet doesn't need to be overflowing clothes, rather it should be a curated selection of pieces with the versatility to work across a range of dress codes and occasions.
Here are 5 items we believe every man should have...



Andrew - Brisbane Store

I subscribe to a boatload of white shirts being the starting point for my wardrobe. Once you have this it's easy to work combinations with your jackets & pants and suits & ties. You have to have at least one navy suit (at a minimum). I've found adouble breasted bone jacket to be one of my most versatile pieces and something I wear a lot of different ways. A good quality cashmere knit in a block colour (for layering). And navy suede loafers- these go with everything.  


Sacha - Montreal Store

Montreal is a more relaxed city so I find myself more in jackets than in a suit. The one jacket I believe every man should have is unstructured navy jacket with patch pockets. It's a piece that goes with everything. A good pair of dark denim jeans is a must, especially when I'm travelling. Lots of plain blue and white shirts. A charcoal double breasted suit for those occasions when I want to feel more dressed. And a pair of Stefano Bemer brown oxfords.


Masashi - Tokyo Store

Tokyo is quite hot at present so I am running more of my summer wardrobe pieces. One of my favourites is a light blue linen jacket. As well as being comfortable and lightweight it's works just as well with a white shirt or a dark shirt. I am often in one of my many denim shirts - and these have all developed a really unique fade over time. I love the chance to wear my dark navy tuxedo, and in Tokyo there's no shortage of formal events. One piece I think all men should invest in is a custom made leather bomber jacket - for me you can't beat olive suede. For work I am often in a light grey double breasted suit in a lightweight tropical wool - lightweight but still crisp. 

Source: The Cloakroom Brisbane Newsletter