The Japanese believe a soul is to live in the tool that has been continuously used their attachments. They feel they should not forget the thought “to use a favorite tool regularly for long time”, living in the time of mass production and mass consumption. They are particular about hand making one by one as the result of research and development from the material foundations to design and production with considering the relation between “Hair”, “Hand” and “Scissors”.

MIZUTANI SCISSORS are continuously making products without forgetting the tradition, passion, pride and skill that have been taken over from craftsman to craftsman in many generations. Their scissors are not standardized articles made by machine. All are “Not the same” so there is warmth in each and it is fit & finished by hand one by one from the steel plate. 


Mizutani is proud of its long history and tradition of manufacturing scissors. The first-ever pair of Mizutani scissors was produced in Asakusa, Tokyo in 1921. These scissors were designed and created out of the founder’s passion and desire to have better scissors. His tireless quest for scissors that would cut properly and be easy to handle at the same time brought him enthusiastic support from his customers. They still maintain the tenacity, passion, and strong will to spare no time or effort in honing the traditional techniques that have been passed down to them in our quest to produce better scissors.

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